#4 [Explicit Edit] ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin

Published on 16/05/2015 by ExoMusicVideos



  • Racingcatz 5 years ago

    love it!

  • Sick 5 years ago

    I love your videos. Maybe a lesbian one next time? :))

    • ExoMusicVideos 5 years ago

      Thanks 😀

      Yep !
      Actually I’m gonna split the explicit edits between straight and lesbians, and the next one will be only lesbians 🙂

  • Fail Edits 5 years ago

    Hey man i sent through a bunch of links in a message on YT. check em out let me know if you wanna share it 🙂

    • ExoMusicVideos 5 years ago

      Hey i’m gonna add a “users videos” category with your videos and since i subbed i will add your next videos as they come 🙂

      • Fail edits 5 years ago

        Hey man. All the links I sent through are unlisted so the channel dosnt get banned. If you want I can put em in a playlist if that helps?

        • ExoMusicVideos 4 years ago

          Oh yeah i see now (i’m at work so i couldn’t really check your mail / channel ^^ )
          then as you want, either just send me a message each time you add a new video, or add them to a playlist and give me the link of the playlist, and i will check it as often as i can to see if you added a video

          • Fail Edits 4 years ago

            sweet as. ill do both anyways. so you dont have to keep checking 😛

          • ExoMusicVideos 4 years ago

            Hey i’ve added the “users videos” category, with all the videos your send me ;D
            I love your edits, was kinda sad when your channel got deleted but i’m glad you are back !

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