#16 Dogena – Happy [Sexy ExoMusicVideos Edit]

Published on 07/05/2015 by ExoMusicVideos

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    • Sdfg 4 years ago

      When is a new YT channel going up

      • ExoMusicVideos 4 years ago

        I don’t know, it was the 6th one …

        I might just keep posting the videos on this website and stop doing YT channels.
        Because i can’t just re-upload the videos, youtube detects it and removes it instantly, so i have to render all videos again …

    • Hello:) 4 years ago

      Will there be any more videos soon? The explicit ones seem to get more views, try to make more of those??
      Love your videos

      • ExoMusicVideos 4 years ago

        Hey 🙂

        I’m kinda busy and tired because of work, that’s why i took a small break to sleep a bit more, but the next one should be done before monday 🙂
        And yep if the explicit edits are having more views i’m surely gonna make more 😀

        Thanks 🙂

    • SEB 4 years ago

      OH GOD
      please never stop making these 😀


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